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Q: I don’t see any prices on your web site. Can you tell me why?

A: Since so much products with different specification concerned, there is no necessary for us to put our price list on the website. We always send the offer according to our customers’ detailed enquiry!

Q: What is the minimum quantity we should buy?

A: For sample purpose, we don’t mind how much you buy, we will send the samples by air. For order, it should be over USD2000.00 or the total weight should reach 45kgs (requested by Airline Companies, otherwise the Airfreight is double or more of usual price)

Q: If we make the payment, how long you will make the shipment?

A: It depends on the quantity of order. Normally we can send the goods out within four weeks on receipt of payment. For special specification products by negotiation, DENNO will inform the approximate shipping date before you place order.

Q: What we should do if your products can not run well?

A: If our products cannot run well, firstly, please check whether the installation is right? Then please check whether there is problem with the machine? Thirdly, please check whether your workers they were operating the machine in wrong method. After get ri

Q: Do you offer FREE Samples if I want to buy your products?

A: We don’t offer free samples. According to our years experiences in this filed, we think when people get the samples by paying they will cherish what they get. Although the quantity & amount of sample is small however its cost is higher than normal product

Q: We are selling big quantity of hydraulic unites in our country with our brand name only. Can we put our logo on the blade?

A: We would prefer you to put our DENNO logo on the blades. But if you insist to put your own logo on the product, we could also provide OEM products for our customers.

Q: What is your mode of payment?

A: For Air Cargo the payment should be T/T (Telegraphic Transfer through bank) of total amount before shipment. For sea cargo, other terms to be negotiated.

Q: How can I know how much I should pay the delivery charge?

A: When you place an order, we will calculate the approximate gross weight, then according to the current Airfreight rate or Ocean Freight rate and add Chinese customs formalities & documents charge we get the final charges. We will let you know and print

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